Sammy Gravano, a.k.a. "The Bull"  (1945- )
Years as Underboss:
1990 to 1991

Sammy Gravano is one of the rare Mafia figures to have broken the "Omertà", the code of silence.  During his years as a soldier for the Gambino Family, Gravano was involved in several murders, some of which he committed himself, some of which he participated in, but more importantly, only one where he actually was involved from planning to execution.  He is the highest ranking member of an organized crime family to ever defect, having testified in court against Gambino Family boss and long time friend John Gotti.  It was Gravano's damning testimony that led to the Dapper Don's downfall, and that same testimony dealt a fatal blow to organized crime in general.  Gravano betrayed age old Mafia secrets, divulging all the secret codes of the Cosa Nostra, in exchanged for a reduced sentence, and being placed in the witness protection program.  Even law abiding citizens have frowned upon Gravano's betrayal, going as far as creating websites in which his face has been pasted onto the body of a rat.  Perhaps what made the former hit man so pathetic to the public was his whiny demeanor, as he would often say "What else could I do?", playing the victim, and blaming his own troubled youth for his bad career choice.  He even once said seeing Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather had a profound effect on him, because he identified with Michael Corleone.  Update: On Monday February 24th, 2003, Sammy the Bull Gravano  was charged in the 1980 slaying of New York City police officer Peter Calabro.  In an ironic twist of fate, hit man Richard Kuklinski revealed, during an interview on the HBO series "America Undercover",  that he had been hired by Gravano to murder Calabro, simply stating that he didn't understand why Gravano, who was a hit man himself, would need to hire another hit man to kill the officer.


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