Roy DeMeo
Soldier for the Gambino family

While all of the people covered on this site were either bosses or underbosses, but Roy DeMeo is an important part of the Gambino Family.  During the 1970s, he was Paul Castellano's most trusted hit man; an ex-butcher who had the murder and disposal of "problems" down to an exact science.  While he was a contract killer, he was also a sadist, and possibly a serial killer, as his 200+ victim body count would suggest.  No only did he kill mobsters, he also killed those who were in the way.  He took real pleasure in killing, and dismembering bodies.  Another thing which made DeMeo a likely candidate for the "Serial Killers Hall of Fame" was his MO.  he would seldom deviate from his "assembly-line" methods, which he had converted from those of the butcher shop.  DeMeo would first shoot his victims in the head or stab them in the heart,  bleed them, then he would cut up the bodies into smaller "manageable" chunks to be disposed of at random locations.   Roy DeMeo and his crew would carry out these gruesome killings in a clubhouse nicknamed "The Horror Hotel", sometimes ordering pizza while the bodies were being drained of blood in the shower;  but as he and his crew became more and more violent, and erratic, murdering for just about any reason they saw fit, Paul Castellano, realized that DeMeo was drawing too much attention on himself, and that would lead to his superiors, so he put out a contract on him, asking Nino Gaggi, DeMeo's closest friend and "collaborator", to take care of things.  Shortly thereafter, Roy DeMeo's body was found stuffed in the trunk of his car. Not since Albert Anastasia had the Gambino Family had such a vicious individual within its ranks, for DeMeo was not only a hit man, he was the authority on contract killing.

For more information about Roy DeMeo, read For the Sins of My Father : The Legacy of a Mafia Life -- Albert DeMeo, Mary Jane Ross; Hardcover, and Murder Machine: A True Story of Murder, Madness, and the Mafia --Gene Mustain, Jerry Capeci (contributor); Hardcover



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