John Gotti, Jr. 
Years as Boss: 1996-1999

While no one really wanted him to succeed his father to the Gambino throne, John Gotti, Jr. took the reins after the two other likely successors pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering.   His appointment as boss was more out of necessity (there was no one left), than it was out of merit.

One of the reasons why no one wanted him to succeed John Gotti, Sr., was that nepotism is frowned upon in regards to succession.  The irony of it all was that John Gotti, Sr. himself had disapproved of Don Carlo making Big Paulie Castellano, his own cousin,  his successor.   Unlike the dapper Don, John Gotti, Jr. is a casual, lowbrow fellow, preferring street clothes over Armani suits; nonetheless, he continued running the now disintegrating Family until he himself was arraigned on multiple charges, including racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, illegal weapons possession, tax evasion, and fraud.  He was sent to jail, where he is currently serving a six year sentence.



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