Carlo Gambino a.k.a. Don Carlo (1902-1976)
Years as Boss: 1957-1976

He started off as a soldier in Joe Masseria's mob; when Masseria was killed, he moved on to work for Salvatore Maranzano, and then to the Young Turks gang.  Gambino and his brothers-in-law, Peter and Paul Castellano later went on to work for Vincent Mangano; when Mangano was killed, Albert Anastasia took his place, and gave Gambino the position of underboss.  The mild-mannered Gambino was mostly ignored by his peers, and by Anastasia; a situation which allowed him great freedom to maneuver his way to the top.  After arranging Anastasia's murder with rival boss Vito Genovese, Carlo Gambino rose to power as boss of the Gambino family.  Unlike the violent Anastasia, Don Carlo was a smart, cunning individual with a fascination for the works of Prince Machiavelli.  His sharp business sense, and traditional values, earned him the respect of his allies.  Once in power, he set up Genovese with the help of Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Frank Costello.  Rather than set up a hit, the four set up a drug trafficking scam that would lure Genovese with the promise of financial gain, and then tipped-off the authorities.  Genovese was arrested, and sent to jail, leaving Gambino to delegate power to his closest allies, and take over operations on a larger scale.  Don Carlo himself was never arrested during his career as boss, and he died of natural causes in 1976, leaving brother-in-law Paul Castellano in charge of operations.



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